We enjoy the whiteness of the snow, the sensation of speed, of slope,to skiing in the powdery of Off-piste. We like slalomed enter the bumps and make us tracks in snow.

We love obtain adrenalin !!!

The Ski



  1. boysband Said:

    It’s very good !! The fotos are very cool and impressionated. The texte too.

    i love this and…it’s great !!

  2. Me too I ejoy the sensation of speed, it’s cool ! I like your blog very much. Your fotos is beautiful too.

  3. clemantoineblog Said:

    I love your photographs! I enjoy skiing me to .
    Your subjects are interesting. I love your blog !

  4. clement Said:

    your blog is goog and beautiful ,I like your presentation and I love skiing
    in pictures it is me i laugh

  5. etienneetalexdu61 Said:

    skiing is a good sport

  6. football61 Said:


    skiing is a good sport I skiing ofter in winter it’s very good

    bye bye victor

  7. Polooo du 61 Said:

    Hmmm… There is good pictures and a very nice text rediged by a pro of course. Me I did sky at the febrary’s holiday and YES IT’S WAS FUNNY and i love the “slogan” : We love obtain adrenalin !!!

  8. anaïs Said:

    your blog is good and I love snow and I love skiing!It’s interesting!And I love sensation of speed!!
    bye bye!!

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