☻Horse riding☺

Horses and Snow

In this sport, we should beckerful, but we enjoy obtain the deepsensation. We like the jump, the speed, and fall because after be fall we must prepare the cake to eat with our friends.So we love horses, because they are beautiful, interesting, and sometimes dangerouse !!!

We are crazy about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horse and Sun

Horse and Sea



  1. everygirlisdreaming Said:

    we love horse-riding like you…
    bye bye ***
    pauliine and clothilde

  2. luigidu61 Said:

    You have a beautiful blog, and a beautiful pictures.

    it’ a very good blog


  3. everygirlisdreaming Said:

    i can’t skiing but i would like to do this sport; your photos are cool
    xoxo clothilde

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